Roman Raygoza is the owner and head designer at Roman Raygoza Design Studio. With an eye for the finest in furniture design, his dream is to revolutionize the design world with his unique upholstery designs, trimmings and accessories.

Our design studio is a to-the-trade high-end manufacturing resource offering custom furniture of distinction, high style and construction excellence from the frame up. Roman works with many of the top design and architectural firms in southern California – and has been doing so for nearly two decades.

About Roman Raygoza

As principal and lead designer of his namesake firm, Roman brings a true entrepreneurial spirit to the growth the business and the needs of his clients. Roman focuses on product design while maintaining a hands-on role in guiding furniture production. He’s an accomplished product designer and business strategist.

Bedroom + Bedding

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Roman began working early in life for his family’s furniture manufacturing company, which specialized in hacienda and colonial styles. He realized he had a keen eye for detail and knowing what looked good.

Roman was deeply influenced and inspired by his grandmother, who made the “most beautiful pieces of jewelry.” Realizing his passion for design, he went on to go to school for interior and furniture design. Roman credits these early experiences for his ability to work so well with interior designers and understand the design process from the inside out.

Roman moved to Los Angeles after visiting many times as a rep for his father’s company.

Today, Roman’s inspiration comes from many sources, one of which is travel.

“Traveling is my second heartbeat. It immerses me into the origins of design.” Journeys to South America, the Far East, India and Germany to experience the architecture, art, music, dress, and culture give Roman an international sense of style that enables him to transform ordinary pieces into the extraordinary.

What further sets him apart from the rest is his experience and knowledge of high-end manufacturing with a dedication to refining the smallest detail. Roman’s couture furniture is crafted from top quality materials, utilizes unusual nailhead patterns, unique stenciled mirror panels and best practices to ensure each piece is one of a kind.

Living Room

This same philosophy drives the creation of his accessories, which are fashioned with technical ingenuity. His brass lotus blossom candle holder sits atop a challis-inspired base that, when twisted, opens and closes its petals revealing the exquisite flower in any stage.

Roman’s boutique trim collection features wooden tassels, resin medallions, kiln-fired beads, unusual tapes, and hand-wrapped forms in an exotic historical context.

What sets him apart from the rest is his dedication to the smallest detail. Designing the finest upholstery couture, “we specialize in fine custom upholstery, trimmings and drapery services.” With his furniture design background, if you cannot find what you want, Roman can build it for you.

Roman Raygoza can make the perfect furniture piece for you, modifying the design for comfort to be at the right pitch, depth and density of foam. No detail is overlooked, including the dimensions of the room and doorway to make sure everything is an ideal fit. His studio, with up to 10 craftsman at his command depending on the project, can truly execute any design.

His furniture and accessory lines are in development for a 2011 launch, and his namesake boutique trim line is featured in the Michaelian & Kohlberg showroom at the Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles.